Capoeira Classes in Bath (schedule valid for the whole of the year 2022):

Tuesdays 7:30pm – 9:30pm         Main Weekly Class

All levels
Phase One Gym
7-9 Comfortable Place
Bath,  BA1 3AJ

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11 thoughts on “Classes

      • Hello Andy

        We are a Capoeira group from Bath, and the details you mentioned in your email are not related to our group’s classes.

        Still, if you would like to attend Capoeira classes in Bath feel free to join us here on tues ans thurs 7-9 pm at Percy Community Centre on New King Street.

        Thank you.

    • hello Gert

      My name is Gira. I do the Capoeira classes in Bath. They have been also taking place in Swindon for some time but sadly not any more. Unfortunately due to work and other circumstances I am unable to reopen a Capoeira class in Swindon.
      Currently we only have classes in Bath. its a place called Percy Community Centre which is 12 min walk form the Bath train station. In case you are interested in joining us there please feel free to come to our classes on tues and thurs 7-9pm. You can also contact me directly on 07783 59 69 19.

  1. How can I find out more about what happens in your classes, cost ethos etc. Are there classes at Bath university or just Percy and do I have to commit to a term or do you offer a drop in?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Christine

      Thanks for your message.

      As far as our classes, they take place in 3 different venues. The one on Thursday is in Percy Community Centre, the one on Sat is in the Phase One Gym and the third(free of charge) one is usually held in the Green Park Station but due to the temperature outside we have moved to the bath uni until end of march or so.

      As far as what we do, we learn Capoeira. In short, movement to music with elements of self defense, body expression, fitness and flexibility. There is also scope for playing musical instruments and singing if you are into it.

      You are very welcome and try the first class for free anytime and if you like what we do you can either pay per session or monthly.

      For any more information please contact me on 07783 59 69 19

      Take care


  2. Hi, do you run classes for children? I am looking for a class for my 3 and 5 year old boy and girl. If you do not run anything suitable for them, do you know of anyone else who does? Happy to take this private if you prefer. Thanks for any help in the meantime.

    • Hi
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      At present we are running 3 sessions per week and they are all suitable for 5year olds and above. I am also happy to work with younger students as well but they will need a parent present at all times, or even better,taking part alonside them. Capoeira is a great teaching tool and allows to have all age groups working together. This is due to a strong ‘fun’ aspect/element, so please come along to a free session and see how you like it.
      For any further questions please email or call me directly
      07783 59 69 19

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